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Deka Motus Ax

Alexandrite laser for epilation and removal of pigment spots Deka

Unlike traditional laser hair removal procedures (the so-called stamp method), the Moveo procedure takes place in motion. The Moveo nozzle constantly moves over a small (10 by 10 cm square) area of the skin, while ultrasound gel is applied to the skin for better contact and sliding. At the same time, the maniple is cooled to a pleasant 15 degrees of heat, ensuring the procedure is painless.

The laser is configured so that it heats the hair follicle gradually, transmitting a small dose of energy with each pass, thanks to this, the skin does not heat up, the patient does not feel anything. The procedure takes place without painful sensations, with an unprecedented level of comfort during epilation.

The Motus AX laser and the Moveo procedure do not have the traditional limitations of alexandrite epilation – we accept patients after three days in the sun, all year round, including those who have to leave for the sea in a few days (strict compliance with the recommendations for post-procedure care is required! In addition, we are ready to accept patients with dark (4 and higher) phototypes of the skin for the laser hair removal procedure, even if they have thin and light hair – the laser will cope with them!

Services performed by the device

Laser hair removal on the alexandrite laser DEKA MOTUS AX

Услуга Price
Laser hair removal - forehead 1900
Laser Hair Removal - Temporal Area 1000
Laser hair removal - between the eyebrows 950
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