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Quanta system light

It allows to remove vessels of any caliber and color, vascular pathologies, effectively treat rosacea. Different wavelengths for the most difficult tasks in laser cosmetology.

· Removal of vascular pathologies on any part of the face and body
· Treatment of rosacea, rosacea and “wine stains”
· Neodymium rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck, decollete and hands
· Ablative rejuvenation, laser peeling (optional)
· Correction of aesthetic defects after acne
· Removal of hyperpigmentation foci
· Correction of scars and scars
· Removal of benign neoplasms (warts, papillomas, warts, etc.)
· Treatment of onychomycosis and onychodystrophy

The doctor can easily set the necessary parameters of the laser operation, taking into account the phototype of the patient’s skin and the required treatment. This choice makes it possible to effectively carry out laser procedures, taking into account the individual characteristics of patients

The device implements the division of the pulse into sub-pulses to improve the safety of procedures without loss of efficiency. The doctor can independently set the duration of the sub-pulses.

Thanks to the built-in contact cooling system.

Services performed by the device

Neodymium laser rejuvenation, treatment of couperosis, acne and rosacea QwantaSystem

Услуга Price
Acne or rosacea treatment with Quanta System
Person 10000
Buccal region 6000
Decollete 8000
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