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R.S.L. Sculptor

(RSL Sculpting) – this is a patented method of roller vibration compression by spheres (on the Beautylizer Therapy Cosmospheres V device)

A patented method of roller vibration compression by spheres (using the Beautylizer Therapy Cosmospheres V device), through mechanical action on tissues, aimed at reducing the size of adipocytes and destroying gynoid lipodystrophy (cellulite), without injuring the skin.

RSL impact :
· Painkiller – vibration affects the mechanoreceptors of the skin and thereby significantly reduces pain.
· Vasodilating and vasotonizing – compression effect on tissues provides increased blood flow, microcerculation, due to the effect of “vascular gymnastics” vascular permeability decreases.
· Draining – rhythmic vibration stimulates lymph flow.
· Relaxing – the device has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, on muscles, muscle spasms. Therefore, the device has proven itself well as a restorative procedure, and in sports medicine, and in recovery after injuries. All impacts complement each other.

Applies to :
· For figure correction
· Recovery of muscle microtrauma after excessive physical exertion
· Angiotonia (vascular toning)
· Skin turgor enhancement, skin flap reduction
· Fight against puffiness, pastyness/ “heavy legs” syndrome
· Lymphatic drainage
· Restorative massage
· Therapeutic effect (back massage, SHVZ)
· Recovery from injuries
· Rehabilitation after plastic surgery (liposuction)
The effect of the course of RSL procedures-sculpting:
· Improvement of blood circulation and lymph exchange
· Reduction of visible signs of fibrosis
· Improvement and normalization of tissue oxygen saturation (tissue oxygenation)
· Reduction of body fat
· Improving muscle tone and skin quality, leveling the relief, increasing turgor
· Detox effect, activation of metabolic processes
· Relieving muscle tension, reducing muscle pain
· Sedative effect on the nervous system, improvement of sleep, normalization of psychoemotional state
· ANTI-AGE effect

LED radiation
The maniple is equipped with an LED emitter, under the influence of red light, metabolic processes are activated in the skin, collagen production is enhanced.

Services performed by the device

Hardware massage RSLSCULPTING

Услуга Price
1 procedure 5500
When buying a course of 4 procedures, the 5th procedure is free, the cost of 1 procedure is discounted 4400
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