Laser hair removal is the most effective method of getting rid of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal services are in great demand today. Many people note that unwanted body hair often spoils the look. To avoid unpleasant situations and get rid of unwanted vegetation will help a radical way to remove hair. Thanks to modern equipment, due to light radiation, hair follicles are actively destroyed and hair growth stops. The main advantage of laser hair removal is that in a relatively short time you can get rid of unwanted hair forever.

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We combine the best methods of rejuvenation

SMAS lifting 1000 lines + BBL Forever Young

74.000₽ 88.000₽

SMAS lifting (1000 lines) + Sculptra (polylactic acid)

92.000₽ 116.000₽

Cost of procedures

Услуга Цена
Laser hair removal - forehead 1900
Laser Hair Removal - Temporal Area 1000
Laser hair removal - between the eyebrows 950
Laser hair removal - cheekbones 1900
Laser hair removal - cheeks 2100
Laser hair removal - ears 1000
Laser Hair Removal - Upper Lip 950
Laser Hair Removal - Chin 1450
Laser hair removal - full face 3400
Laser Hair Removal - Neck (front/back) 2000
Laser Hair Removal - Full Neck 3500
Laser hair removal - neckline 3500
Laser hair removal - arms up to the elbow 2000
Laser Hair Removal - Shoulders 1500
Laser Hair Removal - Forearm 2000
Laser hair removal - all hands 3900
Laser Hair Removal - Hands 1500
Laser Hair Removal - Fingers 1000
Laser Hair Removal - Armpits 2000
Laser Hair Removal - Halos 1000
Laser hair removal - white line of the abdomen 1500
Laser hair removal of the entire abdomen 4000
Laser hair removal - classic bikini (2-3 cm along the line) 2 2950
Laser hair removal - intergluteal area 2000
Laser hair removal - total bikini (lingerie 2-3 cm + pubis + labia) 4000
Laser Hair Removal - Back (to waist) 3000
Laser Hair Removal - Lower Back 3000
Laser hair removal - buttocks 4000
Laser Hair Removal - Hips 4000
Laser Hair Removal - Full Back 5000
Laser Hair Removal - Calves 4000
Laser hair removal - shins (front/back) 2500
Laser leg hair removal 8000
Laser Hair Removal - Toes 2500
Anna Petrovna
Anna Petrovna
When you choose a beautician, look at their professional qualifications and work experience. The best beauticians usually have certificates and diplomas, and can also provide recommendations from satisfied patients. In addition, pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene in the beautician's office, as well as his equipment and tools. This is very important to prevent infections and other health problems.
Elena Ryabushkina
I am simply delighted with the experience that I received at the Milar Clinic during the mesotherapy procedure! From the very beginning, I was greeted by a friendly and professional team of specialists, which immediately gave me complete confidence. I received a detailed consultation before the procedure, where all the steps and expected results were explained to me. My questions were carefully listened to and commented in detail, which was very valuable to me. The mesotherapy procedure itself was practically painless due to the professionalism and skill of the doctors. I felt an improvement in the condition of my skin after the first session. My problem areas have become less visible and my skin texture has improved significantly. It's just amazing!
Since I have known this salon for a long time, I know cosmetologists and that it is safe to do any procedures here, I decided to enlarge my lips a little. The upper lip is generally very small, the lower one is normal, but I never liked the asymmetry. They made me just perfect, beautiful lips. The swelling went away quickly, my boyfriend really liked the new look of the lips and most importantly, it looks very natural!
Alina Kostornaya

I am very happy with my lip augmentation! The result was noticeable immediately after the procedure, the lips became more voluminous and beautiful, creating the perfect shape for my face. The procedure was painless and quickly performed, and the healing time was very fast. I recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their lips and enhance their natural beauty. Thanks for the great work!

Christina Kalugina

Da truly amazing way to improve the quality of the skin and make it look healthier and younger. I underwent biorevitalization a few months ago, and the results are clearly visible - the skin has become more elastic, smooth and fresh. I was delighted with how this procedure helped me reduce fine lines and improve my complexion. Moreover, the procedure was painless and safe. I would recommend biorevitalization to anyone who is looking for a way to improve their skin and increase self-esteem.

Ekaterina Pukh

I am happy to share my positive thread lift experience. A few weeks after the procedure, I noticed visible results: the face looks more toned, the skin becomes more elastic. The bio-tightening effect brought brightness to my eyes and brought back a flush to my cheekbones. I was pleasantly surprised when friends and colleagues began to notice my changed appearance and praised my appearance. The procedure was quite painless and short, and I felt comfortable during it. I highly recommend thread lifting for those who are looking for a safe and effective solution to skin rejuvenation.


I was impressed with the mesothread procedure! It was an extremely pleasant and relaxing experience that left my skin glowing and beautiful. I noticed that my mimic wrinkles were noticeably reduced, the skin became firmer and smoother. I also felt a pleasant sensation of warmth and a light massage that helped me relax and release the accumulated tension. I highly recommend the mesothread procedure to anyone who is looking for effective and pleasant skin care methods.

Daria Shcherbakova

Firstly, the plasmalifting procedure was painless and safe for me. I didn't feel any discomfort or pain during it.

Secondly, the results of the procedure were amazing. My skin became much smoother, lighter and younger, and it was noticeable immediately after the procedure. A few days after plasmalifting, the results improved and became even more noticeable.

Thirdly, I feel that the procedure has really improved the structure of my skin. My wrinkles have become less noticeable, and my skin looks firmer and thinner.

In general, I would recommend plasmalifting to anyone who wants to improve the condition of their skin without any risk or pain. This is a really effective and safe procedure that will lead to remarkable results.

The procedure for removing neoplasms on the face was a real salvation for me! For a long time I suffered from the appearance of small papillomas on the skin, which prevented me from feeling confident and attractive. However, it was not possible to remove them on their own - professional services of a cosmetologist were needed. And I did not regret that I turned to Milar for help, where they remove neoplasms on the face. The procedure was as comfortable and painless as possible, the results exceeded all my expectations - the skin became perfectly even and smooth. I was very pleased that I solved this problem and I recommend everyone who suffers from such problems not to postpone a visit to a specialist and feel free to seek help at this salon.
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